Why I Really Liked "CRAZY RICH ASIANS” 🤑 | Vlog #206

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Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

Here's my movie review of Crazy Rich Asians and why it meant so much more to me.

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #SteemOn

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The preview looks good. How long till it comes out on Netflix? lol


hahaha, probably in a few months. A great movie nonetheless

Lol there's a movie called Crazy Rich Asians??! I have to see this


haha im sure you'll enjoy it!

Do you realise, that in all that, you never mentioned a single thing about the movie? :P


you must've missed the meaning of the video


I thinks so, can you help? :)

Haha that's good!
Keep it coming Kev



I love hearing abc asians review and the analysis of this movie more than watching the movie itself! Haha - I’ll be watching this video now and give more comments soon 😉

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I've seen the movie twice at the cinemas haha

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Wow a super Asian fan haha..
Now you’ve inspired me to make my own post/video for this potentially

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Wow you did heaps of research for this review or rather you knew your stuff haha..
Ohh I loved that cameo! she did Amazing!😍😍😍 I actually saw her video of it beforehand talking about being on it and I wasn’t sure if she meant she was actually present or not hahaa..
Actually I’m one of those asians that didn’t like the romance/story as much but I loved how deep the cultural elements and analogies were! I went and watched so many interviews and analysis after the movie (it was 12am haha)
I LoOVE Awkwafina she is the awesome! She’s like the only character I liked lol...
Plus pretty boy Henry haha

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