What Did I See When I Stayed Late At Work? 🤔 | Vlog #199

in dtubedaily •  6 months ago

Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

So I was late to work so I stayed late at work. Was pretty interesting. Plus my coffee skills are getting better.

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #SteemOn

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Kevin! It has been awhile my friend, I totally forgot about D.tube. Glad I finally remembered to check up, I see you are still posting videos!


Yooo, it's been too long. How have ya been?


Not too bad, realized I need to get back into D.tube, been missing out on the fun

Shared space...how’s that to work in? I’m
assuming of you don’t like someone you can just move desks :) Get some sleep bud, my body always crushes me if I don’t listen to it!!


My company has like 6 decks to ourselves haha. But we're surrounded by others in the creative feld. It's pretty nifty. I'm hopeful to get some decent sleep this time around haha

Oh no, that whole oversleeping thing has happened to me a couple of times on early shifts and the initial realisation when you first wake up is horrible. I’ve recently bought this ridiculously loud alarm clock which I position on the opposite side of the room. I set the alarm on my phone early and keep it nearby so I can snooze until the alarm clock goes off.


That's some measures to go for haha. Well it's currently 1:30am and I'm wide awake so I'm super fearful I'm going to oversleep again.


Oh no! Go to sleep... easier said than done I suppose.