2am Thoughts - DTube Life vs YouTube Life 🤔 | Vlog #223

in dtubedaily •  6 months ago

Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

Something interesting that's been popping up lately.

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #SteemOn

My Steemit Profile - https://steemit.com/@kevinli

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Interesting stuff man. I took a week off from youtube when I was with my family and I did notice a drop on engagement for the following two videos afterwards. SO IDK.

LOLZ on your off topic rants on this video. I miss @dnews. BABY. COME.BACK.


Don't take too much time off haha. And jump on Twitter, it's a good platform to be on at the moment 🤘

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Great video and yes the YouTube algorithm is crazy you got to be machine and dedicated.


A machine I never became haha. Thanks for checking out the video

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HAHA.. Where is DNEWs?????? Is he with GISI???? lol


I miss mr yes yes a lot haha

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Interesting thoughts but my experiences are different. I actually find when I don't post for a few weeks, the algo kicks in and starts sharing some of my old content again.

I actually made more money in the last two weeks not posting than the previous 2 weeks where I uploaded about every 2nd day.

Youtube is a strange beast, but does keep paying, years after your videos were published. My best so far is about to reach 3 million views :-D


love it. What genre is your content on yt?

Dtube gives you a greater desire and motivation to improve yourself and others.


Yes it certainly does.

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it certainly does

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LoL loved the chill midnight music in the background, though I think you really should have just gone to bed XD

Going to take your word on the algorithm shenanigans as I never posted regularly on Youtube (basically posted a few things, dropped back to using it as purely a host, now I don't use it at all) but watching how Facebook went and how G+ is now even with the miniscule number of people I follow (I don't even know if the ones I'm seeing are there because they're the only ones still active or if they just come up and everyone else is buried because I happen to plus their posts more because I see them more in which case the algorithm is a failure).

I'm also pretty happy to be doing everything manually :)


Solid choice. This platform withered away a lot of people here only for the money and the ones who stayed true to this platform are going to do so well on here

It's crazy putting all your business plan into a platform that holds all the keys and can change anything anytime they want. I wonder if it could happen here? I think we don't actually know, but it seems not. Chronological timeline is boss though; Facebook and Instagram are heavily stacked and we don't really know the algorithm.

I've reached out to @dnews a couple of times too. I hope he finds his way back.