Motivation Is Back. Vidcon Vibes 😁 | Vlog #202

in dtubedaily •  3 months ago

Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

It was an incredible day at Vidcon Australia.

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #SteemOn

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Did you see your ex? #curious lol


I did. We didn't talk. And it was actually okay for once :)

I think it's very interesting when you said your YT channel needs a bigger purpose. I remember your vines were actually really funny, but to make comedy youtube videos is really hard because they have to be so damn long. I think a podcast might be cool since you got this cool Australian accent going but gaming could be cool as well... too many decisions lol


Welcome to my world.

Great to hear Vidcon was good for you buddy, and I totally agree on Purpose :) I’m busy trying to find mine . Keep creating buddy and looking forward to where the podcast model can take you.


Thanks, bud. Always a pleasure seeing your comments here

"Stay with me here" 😂 bro, I can sense the newly revived energy. I 1000% think you should jump into the podcasting game. Soundsl like you got a head start with all of those interviews.

You are shiny Kevin. you are a beaming light of joy and inspirations to all of us. Glad to hear you are experimenting with all the platforms again. I wish I was going to steem fest super super badly. But I can't wait to see all the vlogs with you and the lads and ladies.


It will be too many to keep up with haha

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

Is that tattoo! I wanna see the place! Why don't you some someeee


I don't have any tattoos. What are you talking about?


Let me watch it fully and I will just stare at that arm 🙄

its a great motivational video.thank u to watch your vlogs