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Welcome to our BIRTHDAY VLOG!

In today’s special episode we have the whole family together going to Six Flags Great America and it’s my birthday! I hope you enjoy the VLOG and make sure to upvote, resteem, and follow me @joeparys for my weekly VLOGS every Friday!

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Helo Happy Birthday, Well an Ambassadors of Fun are praising any extraordinary days our visitors are having like birthday celebrations, commemorations, first visits to the recreation center. On the off chance that your visit to the recreation center is exceptional, celebrate with the Flags week after week VLOGS each Friday!

Go ahead out to Hometown Square and let us comprehend what you're celebrating! We'll make sure to give you the gathering of a lifetime!

Happy birthday and God bless @joeparys...! I guess you really enjoyed your day...

Best of luck #BRO

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Nice titel good luck

Happy Birth Day, have a nice trip. love you guys.

Happy birthday @joeparys. May all your dreams come true. I started following you. Share more of your valuable knowledge

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Happy birthday to you. I hope you will achieve everything you wish.

Happy birthday to
You. I hope you will achieve
Everything you wish.

                 - lamamoh

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Happy birtday. Wish you everything what best and little more then that. :) .

very nice

happiest birthday, it seems like you had a bash!

Happy birthday @joeparys

Best wishes @jeoparys
#wishing you the best in life
#longlife is certain

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Happy Birthday buddy.

wow this is really amazing

amazing post saludossssssssssssss

happy birthday :)

Happy Birthday Sir Great Vlog.

Happy BIRTHDAY sir

Happy B-Day @joeparys

Enjoy your Day along with your Family

Congrats for your vlog

Happy Birthday, I wish you the best and continue to meet your goals, excellent content @joeparys

Happy birthday Man..!

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Happy Birthday @joeparys! Keep on grinding it, keep on shining and may all your dreams come true. Awesome family, so excited.

Happy Birthday Joe! There is a Great America where I grew up in San Jose California, well it is actually located in Santa Clara. Back then it was called Marriott's Great America, then changed to just Great America, then Paramount's Great America, now it is just called California's Great America. lol :) I will always remember the ride "The Demon" haha And the first time we went as a family I was too young to ride it so of course I cried and pouted. Anyways looks like you had an amazing time! :)

We did! I’ll have to go to that six flags you’re talking about! I have a season pass 😎

That is great! Yeah I haven't even been to that one in forever. But I don't live in Cali anymore, I am out here in Arizona. Will have to go back though, next time I visit my parents, they live like 20 minutes from there haha.

I showed this to Ms Pickle fully expecting to be mocked, but I got "LETS GO, WE WERE JUST TALKING ABOUT GOING!" So keep me in the loop on things


Happy Birthday @joeparys
congrats for your vlog :)

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

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bro i will upvote and comment on your each and every posts if u do the same to me if u interested plss comment on my recent post

Hi @joeparys 🎂🎂


Happy birthday sir.

I hope your wish for reaching 50,000 followers get's heard by god almighty and you reach even further more.

And on this very special occasion i would like to grant 5k instagram followers for free right now. Tell me if you're interested in the gift and do check my account for more info.


Mr. joeparys happpy bdy to you and good luck in your life

Happy birthday bro god give everything to you which you need in life

Happy birthday bro
God give everything to you
Which you need in life

                 - marketguruji

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upvoted, followed and resteemed :D happy birthday Bro!

Happy birthday to you boss, may God richly bless you abundantly as celebrate this occasion

Happy birthday! I have never been to Six Flags Great America.
Glad to see you had a great time.
If you are ever in town, check out Six Flags Magic Mountain.

i will like always usa it is grate contury

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happy birthday for yesterday

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Hey yiu are great man happy birthday bro

Happy birthday sir its been a great journey to be with you in hidden ways . I am invisible fan of you
please help me by upvoting by vlog

s/b 7 Flags - one for each day of week.

Hope we will be like you one day sir

Happy Birthday , dearest YOU!!
Wishing You many more years of such Celebration!!

May You was better to bests in Your VLOG blogging!!

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