Wearing My DTube T-Shirt in Downtown Chicago! — Steemit

Wearing My DTube T-Shirt in Downtown Chicago!

in dtubedaily •  5 months ago

In today’s video I am wearing my Dtube shirt in downtown Chicago and I’m going to share with you some beautiful shots. A few years ago I was living with my parents working from their basement, I was broke and wasn’t living my best life. I knew that I could do more, that I wanted more, but I didn’t know how to get it.

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Great publicity! keep it up!!

great stuff!

I gotta rock one of those in New York City

i have sent you a bid of 0.100 sbd 4 hours ago
and i did not get upvote !
please check

I would like to see some Chicago pizza Joe!! 😁😎

nice, this shows how far one can come to achieve their goals and to have a better life.

Giving you an upvote just for being in downtown Chicago. Keep up the adventure and many thanks for sharing it. Be safe and well.

You deserve it Joe! Go..Go..Go..


Thanks so much @mohansampath.

Hi @joeparys visited your dtube channel and watched one of the video about to creating content for dtube. Liked it the way you explain is easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

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By doing this kind of stuff you are making our community famous and strong thanks sir @joeparys


I am glad that you like it, thank you @sumit1998.

Hi Jeo. I have send you 0.5Steem but I did not got vote . please check


Hi Please Check @joeparys


Hi @jeoparys. Please check or let me know for the same so I can stop chasing you

You must have made quite a smash hit wearing that DTube T-shirt today, I hope a lot of people took notice and saw the importance of what you are trying to do, you are doing a great service, keep at it!


Thank you very much for your kind words @masaitv.

Hi @joeparys , i give u for upvote 0.5 sbd but u return vote me 0.5 why .pls explain. U can’t vote refund my 0.2 sbd

very nice. impressive


Thank you.

Thanks for sharing

good way to get the word out on DTube for , lots of people in Chicago, thanks for sharing Sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

awesome I loved it. Much success


I am glad you do.

I am inspired.

Nice stuff man. It is good to get around and advertise the platform. A t-shirt sends a good positive statement. Keep promoting and spreading the word.


Thank you for your kind comment @mightyblueberry.

Will they have any dtube windcheaters for the windy city.

@joeparys In this tshirt you look very good

Joe, Yesterday late in the evening I saw your video on YouTube about Steemit. It was about few tips to increase followers. Thank you so much for the detailed information. Feeling confident & motivated. Thanks again @joeparys


Thank you very much @rahulpawar for your kind comment and I am glad you like my videos.

First time in your channel. I can see beautiful Chicago there :) Cool Stuff!

I really like what you said "Fake it till you make it," I guess that is what "Law of Attraction" is. I'll try to do as you did and I know I will get the result. Thank you @joeparys for inspiring us. God bless...!

Looking good bro with dtube tshirt.

@joeparys . Looking great!!!