Dtube inspiration | My first Dtube exclusive and my story

in dtubedaily •  7 months ago

Whats up Dtube this is my very first Dtube exclusive video and the story about my life, what i went through and where i am now.

If you enjoyed this video drop an upvote to support me and dont forget to follow me here on Dtube and Steemit and join me on this adventure.

Music by Julian Avila

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You have got an amazing look... Welcome to steemit 🙋💃

Join us on our Steemschool discord channel using this link https://discord.gg/2F74XX9 and get to learn about various niches...
Photography, arts, poetry, business amongst others...
The interesting part is we have people all over the world and we help each other grow...

Best wishes 👏👍


Thank you for welcoming me i will check out this discort channel!

Awesome Video!!! Best things in Life are free. I’m sure your values & priorities changed after your journey. Looking forward to more videos!


Hey Dani i changed my whole personality and realised whats really important in life! im glad you like the video and wish you a good day!

Welcome @ivansnz! Upvoted! Impressive workshop you have there! And good film making...

Have you had difficulties uploading your videos to DTube? I've found it kind of a pain!


Thanks dude! this workshop is really a paradise for creatives! i had to upload this video about six times but i what i realized the size should not be bigger thn 1280x720 and the thumbnail should be on this pixel size too. i hope it will work better next time.

You got a 30.42% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @ivansnz!

Good and nice to meet you

Great video and even better story. They say working hard at your "passion" is the key to success. I say that if it is truly your "passion" it does not seem like work at all!!


You made telling your story look easy -- I would bet you enjoyed doing it and that it did not seem like work to you.