Sharing Positive DTube Vibes From Sunny California!!

in #dtubedaily6 years ago

Hey everyone! This weekend was great. We held a small family party at our new place, and I wanted to record some of the day to share with you all on DTube so I made a short video. I was able to visit with my grandmother and mother and it was a wonderful time. My nephew is no longer scared of the water and was actually swimming! What a sight. Also, our new cat, Hope, is doing great and I'm still adding to my wishlist for my birthday.

I hope everyone is doing great! Stay cool out there. It's reaching over 110F (43C) in these parts.

Be sure to leave a comment if you liked the video and follow me to see more videos featuring travel, local California life, music, cats, gaming, and other adventures!!

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Hmm, itsvibekilla and itskyle ... I think we'll get along great. c:

Try utilizing 5 tags!! It'll help with the reach! Keep it up friend!

Also if that wasn't trippy enough my name is also Kyle. WHOA DUUUUUDE!!

Hey @vibekilla! What a coincidence! Kyle is an awesome name isn't it? I'm following you for the sheer sake of your assumed greatness and positivity. It's nice to meet you and thanks for taking a moment to comment!!

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