Dtube Motivation: The Two Mindsets Every Artist Needs To Survive The 'Hate' | EP055

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What's up Dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and today I want to share a personal story and two positive ideas that came out of this event.

So the other day, I had a family tell me I was going backward in life, mainly because I have 2 degrees in engineering but instead started pursuing video.

This event lead me to come up with

Two Ideas I think every creator, doer, artist needs to have.

  1. A deep understanding and love for what you do.
  2. Knowing your number (I explain in the video)

Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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good idea for creator


Heck yea, thanks for watching :)

Hey Patel! We were so stoked when you commented on our video lol.. seriously I think seeing you in the comments was up there with the same feeling as our first dtube upvote, and when heimindanger voted on us too hehe.. we literally were like.. Nooooooooooo am I seeing straight haha.. anyhow great to hear from you.. sorry I have been so busy the last few months but this fall winter things are calming down and I will be home more. So you will see me in your comments now a days. I had one crazy busy summer but I am sort of looking forward to some down time of relaxing through the winter and hibernating a bit. Your videos are always consistent with a level of quality that we should all be striving for. You motivate and inspire all of us. Thanks for being you @harshilpatel :D


Hey!! Honestly I'm honored :) Yeah I'm also to blame, I think I was super overexposed to online group chats that I stopped engaging all together. So I'm taking another approach of just following the people I really enjoy and dropping a nice comment here and there :)

When I first joined steemit, I followed so many people, and then I would be so overwhelmed by the content on the front page, so this method is working a ton better :)


You know what I went through the exact same thing. I wanted to help everyone by following as many as possible. Then I realized I was drowning in content. To be honest it was just too much.. and the quality would get lost in an ocean of everything and anything. I am limiting myself to content that I actually enjoy. It is the best decision I have made as a DTuber since joining. Also cutting back on discord has actually helped me become a better creator. I was in OneLoveDTube at some points over the last 5 months or so for literally 4 hours a day helping people. Since no longer being in there I am finding my creative abilities are sky rocketing. I believe discord groups can be very helpful. But limiting our time on it as well as focusing on creating, and commenting, and curating quality should be number 1 for sure. Talk soon @harshilpatel :D


Yeah I'm glad I'm not the only way that feels that way. We just need to be self aware about this stuff :)

It's not importanyt what others think of you, it is what you think of yur self that matters and you seem to be confident and happy doing what you love.


1000 percent! I’ve been slowly digging deeper into my own head and staying focused on what I want to accomplish

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Wow it seems Indian culture is exactly like German culture when it comes to video work lol But yea if you love it you sell them the idea that this is the greatest job there is and people usually get it (unless they are really old lol)


Yeah man, I generally think it's mostly a old vs new generation issue, but I just dig deep and follow what I love!

Yeah man, not everyone is going to understand the journey because it's not theirs.

In terms of you going backwards, I understand how they might percept it. Just remember, that engineering you studies is probably the best back up plan you can have. There's no way you can fail, you have a parachute in case you fall! I think you're doing awesome man and you've traveled more than 90% of the population on this planet! You should be very proud which it seems you are!


Spencer! Welcome back my dude :) yeah I've been hardcore listening to Gary V and his thesis on trying as many things as you can in your 20s, cause we have such a long life to live


Thanks bro, good to be back :) Yeah man Gary V get's me really pumped! Just watched his speech at the crypto expo too! We do have a long life, and yet it can be a short life too. Life is not to be taken for granted. Tomorrow is not promised.

I think you are killing it man, keep it up!