Dtube Adventures: The Untold Story Of Hostels/My 2 Cents On Long Term Hostel Living | EP 043

in dtubedaily •  2 months ago

What's up dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and today I want to share my 3 lessons I've learned living in Hostels for 7 Months

First off, let me first start by saying that this might be biased mainly since I have a particular way of sleeping and such. But anywho..

For the past 7 months, I've lived in a shared room around the world. It's great at first, but it feels like a complete nightmare.

So I decided to give you all my 3 insights into this way of living.

PS: I'm in a private room now in a airbnb and that's 1000 percent better.

Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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Nice video!


Thank you! :)

Hehe I understand you I do not like to share room either I feel there is no privacy, it is a great video happy friend

Enjoyment! from your video, brother