Dtube Short Story: The Cats Of Istanbul - What The Street Cats Of Turkey Can Teach Society | Short Story 018

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What's up dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and I'm dropping another short story. THIS TIME... ITS ABOUT CATS

Yup, the first thing I noticed when I was traveling in Istanbul is the amount of freaking cats on the street. But the interesting part is...

They are not owned by anyone... but they are taken cared by everyone.

Since cats are seen as the 'clean animal' in this culture, I decided to dive a little deeper and understand why.


Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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Are you in Istanbul now? I am heading to the historical center tomorrow! Let me know if you want to have a ddaily meet up! :)


Yes I am! And let's do it! How long are you here?

I think it is awesome how everyone looks out for them. Seems like everyone just complains about the stay cats where I'm at. Great video. How does it affect traffic? Do they run out in the street often? That would be my only concern.


No actaully, they seem to just stay in the inside streets


That's good to hear. They run out in the street all the time around here. Some will just lay in the middle of the street sun bathing haha. Take care.

So cool!


Hey, thanks for watching

please vote my blogs and follow me and in return i will also vote you.

@harshilpatel I like cats are my favorite pet
These are really beautiful good photo


hey glad you liked the video and photo :)


thank you happy weekend for you

You are in my neighborhood bro :D Contact with me on discord if you would like to meet :) same nick there.