Dtube Adventures: What Makes Dubai Impressive is Not Money... It's Something Else | EP053

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What's up dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and I want to give you all a perspective about Dubai that many people don't talk about it.

It's the immigrants here who are hustling to earn a dollar so they can send it back to their families. I talked to someone who works 12 hour days at the beach and only earns 300 dollars a month. I talked to a taxi driver who earns 700 dollars a month.

The hustle is real:

The crazy thing is these individuals live with 5 other flatmates to make rent cheap and eat rice and eggs, and everything else they save goes back home to their families.

It's insanely inspiring :)

Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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What a sad friend we are living, it is really anguishing and I have several relatives of emigrants and this week they end up going to Peru where my cousins are, this is how you say they work 12 hours and even more to send remittances for Venezuela but every day we are getting worse but it is not achieved what they send, there is a cousin who flocks me to help my mother with the expenses of the university and the rent where I am, but today I was telling my mother that we can no longer with tears in our eyes is anguishing, my mother told me to put up with the end of the year that is in January of next year to be able to freeze and also leave my country which I do not want to graduate, but the Forcing us
thanks for sharing this video so important greetings friend


Wow, this is so sad @betaniaj. I wish you the best luck and you're very strong!