Dtube Thought: It’s ok to take a day off from making daily videos/ Kill that expectation/ Life Talks | Vlog 94

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What’s up Dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and I wanted to talk about how it’s ok to take a day off from making videos on the daily basis.

Let’s be honest, making videos daily is tough thing to do. And doing something every single day is tough. So I wanted to create a short video sharing how it’s ok to take a day off to focus on your health.

I told my Facebook Fans I will no longer be making daily content. Because health comes first.

Yup.. I love making videos. But health will always come first.

Final thoughts:

Grateful for self-awareness.

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You are totally right. I was thinking same other day and i was like if you have to make videos daily then it will be same like you are doing a job and you will lose interest becuase then it will become sort of a burden.
It is okay to have balance.

Makes sense man, sometimes you need you time.

Congrats you made the #steemitminute for today!

dtube nice

Hope to start making videos very soon

Some time you need you time dear

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Congrats on all your success on Facebook. Good on you for taking some time out to figure out more storylines. DM when you're ready to do that thing :)

It is good not to make a daily video.
Delivering quality content requires a lot of research and preparation.
And yes, health should come first.