Dtube Fitness: How Using Fitness Challenges Can Hack Your Mindset/8 Hour Push Up Challenge | EP052

in dtubedaily •  2 months ago

What’s up dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and today we’re talking FITNESS!

For I’m currently filming a short story and the whole idea around this video is to challenge myself to do push ups for 8 hours.

Why am I doing something so freaking crazy

Well… I want to prove to myself this is possible and also to showcase the mindset you need to accomplish this goal.

Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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hello friend we always have to be with good attitude is what counts, thanks for sharing this video you see how you enjoy it
happy day greetings


thank you so much :) Glad you enjoyed this video :)

excellent video friend and thanks for these tips are of great importance


Hey! Thanks for watching :)