Dtube Short Story: Cooking A Tagine For the First Time/HEALTHIEST MEAL IN THE WORLD | Short Story 026

in dtubedaily •  7 months ago

What's up dtube, my name is Harshil Patel... and this video is VERY LATE. I didn't have wifi the past few days haha

But finally dropping a dtube short story today and it's about FOOD! I think the coolest thing about cooking a local meal is how much you learn about just the culture and the WHY.

The healthiest meal

Everything here is slow cooked in a spicy water broth. Barely used any oil and just freaking taste amazing.

Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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Love the concept of this video! And that meal just looks really tasty.

I'm definitely going to have to keep this in mind when I find myself in a new location - I can really see how actually a) researching the local cuisine to such a level that I can attempt cooking it b) going to local areas to buy local produce specific to the meal and c) learning through trying/succeeding/failing at cooking the meal can really help to gain a better appreciation for a culture!

Thanks for the video Harshil!


thanks! I honestly want to make a series around cooking different meals from different countries.


I think that could be a really cool idea - I can really see it gaining a nice community around it as you'll attract new people from each new area that you're featuring...food is literally the way to most people's hearts! :p

heh I do not like to cook friend, this food looks delicious and is very healthy important