DTube Daily: Live electronic music - Greencross 'Unstable' (Live Jam Take) - 21.03.18 - EXPERIMENTAL - 105BPM

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Hello dear friends!

Here's the 18th video of my @DTube Daily series, from the 27th recording of my @DSound daily jam series:

A melodic experimental track, with IMMENSE SUB BASS ACTION!

Recorded today. Live take. Unedited. Work in progress. Mistakes included!.

Today I give you a melodic track. I have no idea of what style of music is this... The title is a symbol of troubled minds.

What do you think about this experimental jam?. Be sure to listen to my last jam as well :)

By the way, I'm also uploading my recorded jams to @DSound on a daily basis, be sure to check my profile if you like.

Gear used:

Elektron Digitakt / MakeNoise 0-Coast / Moog Minitaur / Dreadbox Hades / Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom CV / Retro Mechanical Labs 432K Distortion Filter.

I used Sylenth (inside Ableton 10) for playing the pad at the end.

Sequenced from Digitakt

Multi-tracked into Ableton Live 10 (only for recording), using MOTU UltraLite as Audio Interface.

Come back every day for a new recording!

Be sure to like, comment and subscribe!. Your notifications keep me motivated to do this every day!

Listen to the whole series on SoundCloud:

Thank you for listening.


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Continually impressed with the quality of what you do on a daily basis. Do you perform live regularly?

Edit: On a side note, I didn't realize the label you ran! I remember rinsing Ken Ishii's Twitched back when it came out. Great label.

Hey my man! @iamevilradio thanks so much for the nice words man. It's been surely a bumpy but fun drive (this label thing). I am grateful you enjoyed. In january we released a new original by Ken with remixes by Funk D'Voud ans myself, did you get it? I can send you a promo if you like! Add me on Discord: greencross#2884

And about performing, I do it.every day here at the studio hehehe, butI have toured my live act across Brazil back in 2008, although it was a computer based setup back in the day. Looking forward to som gigs again :) have a great day!

Just listened to the Soundcloud previews of yours and Funk D Void remixes. Both are great, I'm pretty partial to Funk D Void, been listening to them since Black Coffee and I'm a big fan of them. Love their remix, but yours just has that raw energy that I've been feeling for the past 2 years or so. I'd love to get my hands on them. I'll add you on Discord.

Send me your email on Discord and I wilk send you the promo :)

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