DTube Daily: Live electronic music - Greencross 'Unfunk' (Live Jam Take) - 22.03.18 - TECHNO - 133.3BPM

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Hello dear friends!

Here's the 19th video of my @DTube Daily series, from the 28th recording of my @DSound daily jam series:

A funky techno jam

Recorded today. Live take. Unedited. Work in progress. Mistakes included!.

Today I present you a new cut. This should be techno, however if you beg to differ, please let me know in the comments.

What do you think about this funky techno jam?. Be sure to listen to yesterday's jam as well :)

By the way, I'm also uploading my recorded jams to @DSound on a daily basis, be sure to check my profile if you like.

Gear used:

Elektron Digitakt / MakeNoise 0-Coast / Moog Minitaur / Dreadbox Hades / Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom CV / Retro Mechanical Labs 432K Distortion Filter.

Sequenced from Digitakt

Multi-tracked into Ableton Live 10 (only for recording), using MOTU UltraLite as Audio Interface.

Come back every day for a new recording!

Be sure to like, comment and subscribe!. Your notifications keep me motivated to do this every day!

Listen to the whole series on SoundCloud:

Thank you for listening.


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