Vlog #73: Im showing you the long floors of the Melia Bali Hotel!

in dtubedaily •  2 months ago

Hey dear Dtubers and Steemians,

here is my next daily Vlog, which I have recorded on Bali island in Indonesia and in this video Im showing you the very long floors of the Melia Bali Hotel Resort on the way to my Hotel room. Sometimes it was really hard to find my Hotel room, because this resort has over 3000 rooms and you can follow me on this confusing way. xD

Greetings and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24


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It always amazes me to see such constructed things from far-off places. Even though each architect will have their own style, each country or culture has a few common influences that go into these creations, and by looking at the buildings, you can really get a sense of the soul of the place it is built in.


Great comment and you are completely right.
Thanks for your visit and greetings!

Oh my god over 3000 rooms and yes do let me know how are the weather conditions there ...
I am planning in february or march.

Still waiting for your diving video bro