Vlog #38: Real Life Story - Dangerous climbing in the Sand Hills in Berlin Heiligensee!

in dtubedaily •  2 months ago

Hey Dtubers & Steemians, in my new Vlog here I´m telling you the next real life story from my childhood/youth!

The story is about a dangerous climbing adventure on one of these huge trees in the sand hills in Berlin Heiligensee in the district Reinickendorf. This is what happens when you want to reach the top of a tree... xD

Just click on the thumbnail picture above to watch the video!

PS: I truggled a lit bit with my English in this video and improvised a little bit. ^^ With "Ast" I mean branch of the tree for example and sometimes my grammar was wrong, but Im sure you don´t mind. ;-)

Enjoy these next great nature impressions at the Sand Hills with me and the story of my dangerous climbing adventure. See and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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@future24 sir !
Mountain climbing is a kind of art, full of danger, at the top breathing problem,
Be careful during climbing.

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