Vlog #39: Talking about a serius topic... Don´t eat sharks and turtles!!!

in dtubedaily •  2 months ago

Hi Steemians, here is my next daily Vlog and today Im talking about a very serious topic with you: The overfishing of the ocean!

Today I read about this topic again and I found a statistic about the overfishing of sharks and turtles for example...

According to the stats, 88% of the sharks in the ocean and even 97% of the ocean turtles are overfished!!!

This is unbelievable for me and I want to spread the word about this sad topic with everyone.

Just click on the thumbnail picture above to watch the video!

Greetings from Germany and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24

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OMG! So Sad. This is not fare. If we want to keep balance of Nature then avoid this kind of work. Great awaerable post Sir. Great work by you. I appreciate you.


Yes, it´s really sad...

Dear @future24 sir!
Thanks for awareness.no need to say that I am pure vegetarian..ha ha. due to headache I could not see your recent post. I apologise for that ..now I am fit.. indeed a friend in need.. thanks sir..


This is great @certain!