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I kind of forgot poor @artakush!

Actually saved best until last!


Thank you brother for adding my video :p

YOU MISSED MY VIDEO!!! :/ other than that, I am super excited to meet you all there, in person, and get to know you in REAL LIFE. It already feels like we know each other for years. It has been a crazy 9 months. It is about the right time to meet each other personally!


Definitely not my fault I swear.... 🙄


I still love you unconditionally! ;)

Great video! @DTubeDaily

Hope that we see the moon in November.



Let's do THIS! :D

It would be so much fun to meet DDaily crew!

This is exciting. I am excited for you guys, I will not be there but I am eager to view all the footage you guys are going to come up with. Hope You All Make it, God's Speed Fam. <3 <3

Nice guys, looking forward to see you there!

oh wow. can't wait to meet you guys there! :)

Awesome!!! :) Great video, I hope you all have an amazing time. I wish I was going! haha :)

Wish I could go and meet others, I have epilepsy and would be cool I been not well lately thats why i have not done much.


Oh too bad ! I hope you will get well quick. I am sending you much energy !

great & impressive

Oh my god, I just gotta see this. JUST FOUND OUT! I'm way behind pad thai LOLOL Now I'm all hyped again hahahah



This sounds absolutely exciting. Alas I cannot join you but I will always there to support you. All the best. :)

AirBNB Mansion is coming :P


cant wait!!

Awsome video with awsome people of an awsome community about an awsome event!
I am really excited and a bit nervous to hang around with you all there :)

I love the way you have cutted the intro!

@artakush was missed in the bush!
And @kevinli is exposed as @buttcoins!
=> Thanks for the news :D

Wow! Would be amazing to be there. I'll have to check if it's still workable for me. Thanks for sharing guys. This clip was beautiful.

Glad to finally be on the platform. SteemFest 3, many more to come. Just the beginning. Change has come!