Acting normal vs Overacting

in dtubedaily •  9 months ago

Whats up guys!?

In this video I question the YouTube trend of overacting and exaggerating everything. Why are the famous Youtubers so fake? Why do people consume such cringy and fake content?

Watch the video if you want to know my thoughts abot this subject.

I hope you enjoy my clips from the skatepark and if you have something to add please do it in a comment.

Thanks for watching!

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LOL 😂 😆 😝 🤣. WOW this is hilarious. I agree with you. Nice job on the tricks by the way! I BET YOUR SUPER PUMPED TO BE SUCCESSFUL ON THE SKATEBOARD!


hahhaah I got super pumped yeah.

After spending a couple of hours watching some famous YouTubers videos I realized why I had never done it before 😂😂😂😂

LOL I’d be the one over reacting

You're right.... DTube has a lot of fake content (I mean YouTube) ;D

We should keep it natural

Hahah your eyes!!


hahahaha 👀👀👀

Dude, I love your message, and Damn the setup was good.

So this is what you get. I want to do a parody on your video if you would not mind.

Artakush slaps his knee in the bush...


Brother.... it would be my pleasure.

Please delight us with your charisma bro!

Tomorrow I'm making a video about youtube cliches that drive me fucking nuts.

My husband and I take about this all the time. I cannot fucking stand it.

I used to not make videos because I'm not gonna get all dolled up and act fake. But then I just started making videos of myself being real anyway and I love it.

I love this video. Cringe. In.deed. Thank you!


Nice!! Haaahaa time passes and well... we are no longer kids!

I'm gonna make my content super cringey just for you :)


Send me links! 😆 😆


It will be #DTubeExclusive hahaha


oh you guys mean like Dnews which is why I thought it was the norm? I wish I could see your videos back a whole year ago. My channel is light and purposefully silly because it’s featuring a 10 year old little girl. Can you imagine her sitting there with me monotoned with no laughter or silly? It wouldn’t work in this case. The way you interact alone is different than when your trying to get a little girl to loosen up on camera and laugh and be silly. Film a video with a little kid and see if you act different than alone. When I am rolling I enjoy making her laugh, and giggle and sharing silly moments together. If people don’t like it they don’t have to watch. lastly I literally am Italian and yes we do talk with our hands. How do I change who I am to make you happy? I won’t it is me. My family has been talking over each other and being expressive as long as i can remember and that is how we are.


WOW I hope you didnt take it personal Stefi. I like your videos.

And I was not criticizing any DTubers, just the extremely overacting YouTubers that get Millions of views in a couple of days with cringy and awkward content.

When I said I´m not italian I said it cos Italians are famous for gesturing with their hands while talking, but the YouTubers that make me cringe are mostly Americans.

Again, I hope I didnt offend you with my rant!

LOL :D i didnt see the title first and while i was watching i was like "WTF BRUNO IS DOING ?!" Fortunately it took only 3.20 minutes hahahah :D


Hahaha Im glad you watched until the end man!

Damn, If hadn't read the title before the video begin I would have turned off the video at 2:12.
Indeed you raise a great point, but I don´t think we will be able to stop that, unless people with a lot of SP don´t support that type of content, because on DTube the number of votes don't matter as much as on Youtube. Personally I hate those youtubers and I never watch them, because the first 2-5 sec immediately make me close the video and move on to something interesting and not fake.


Same, thats why I watch The Simpsons and Forensic Files in YT. If I want to watch somebody acting I prefer to watch a good movie with real actors instead of the YT morons.


Indeed, I mostly use youtube to watch Haikyuu! Especially after I got introduced to Steemit and Dtube...

Brunoooooooooooooo !!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL 5555555555555 Glad I came back to browse around. I know it's way too late but I just watched it this morning with the other power down vid that I was curious about LOLOLOL

It's all so cool with the skateboard footage then suddenly cracked me up with THAT ! LOL

That 3rd bail!!! I hate them!
So you are not a fan of Jake Paul and those other fukwits then Bru? :D