Sunset from the beach in Punta del Este

in dtubedaily •  9 months ago

Another day, another sunset.

Hope you guys enjoy the view and the peaceful vibes.

Song: ODESZA - Bloom

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nice bro.. i subscribed your channel. and i watched your videos some days bafore.. u really nice

Also really nice sunset man! And like you've said: it was a reason for you to go to the beach and enjoy this time! This is what it all is about: Enjoy about what we are doing and record it on video :)
Thanks for sharing this pictures of a sunset from somewhere far away for me :) I enjoyed the time too !


Thanks man! I really appreciate this kind of uplifting comments.

Thanks for watching and commenting. See you around!


You are welcome man :) Thanks you for sharing !

That shameless self promo on the thumbnail. LOVE IT. 💜


Guilty!! 😊😊😊