Pecas: Ice Cream and Coffee shop in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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Today, as most days lately, I went outsiede with my camera and mi wee tripod (all my vlogging equipment) to get some clips from the sunset and the harbor that I like so much.

As I was filming I texted a friend that I knew he was about to get out of work, and I invited him to go to a coffee place to have a hot drink and something to eat.

We went to Pecas, a great place that has amazing ice cream and also plenty of delicious cakes and french patisserie.

I had a double espresso and a croissant filled with ham and cheese, and my friend had a hot chocolate with a berries cheesecake. Everything was to die for and the price... reasonable.

I hope you enjoy the video and be careful, there is mouth watering footage coming!

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I love video I want to eat right [email protected]
Pls help me on steemit with some stricks and tips

Thank you. Followed and resteemed!

well I love eating fast foods, ice cream and coffee. Thanks for telling us more about the ice cream shop pecas.

Upvote & Follow. Interesting post! Best wishes from Germany.

OMG. I really want bluberry cheese cake. Now, my stomach crying. Your video really works to make me want all of them!