Recommitting to DTubing Daily! DTube Event + Steem Creators Conference!

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I definitely need to get back on my DTube Daily routine. In this video I talk about publicly recommitting to that.

Big shoutouts to @alphasteem @larrymorrison @steemcafe

DTube Empowerment Event Coming In Toronto, Canada - September 5-8 2018!
Official DTube Discord:

*** CLICK PICTURE TO WATCH - If you want to get through the video in record time, set your playback speed to 1.25x or 1.5x ***

Hey guys, welcome to D-News on the steem blockchain. Bringing you the latest in the steem sphere & Personal development and some of our photo/video work from our company as well! We have over 100,000 social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram on all our accounts put together and we’re just so excited to be on the steem blockchain!

My goal here is to share relevant news, tips, and any other helpful information to you. We cover anything and everything in the crypto world & personal development, including the @dtube and steemit realm.
If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know and I’ll be happy to hear from you!

Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. Please do your due diligence and research in every topic. Never invest your bread money. Take care of yourself & family first. Don’t always follow the herd, follow your heart.

Thanks again, I’ll see you guys next time here on D-News on @dtube and remember to keep it D-centralized!

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Welcome back my man!


Waaaazzzzaaaaaa brotha!!! Counting down until Sept!!! Get to give you a big bear hug!!!


Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Thank you for posting man. Damn straight you need to make time. You have been missed. It is understandable man, wedding season truly is insane, I got a few wedding photographer friends. They go 75+ wedding a year. 35% of them are between june and august. Keep up the steps leading to you doing this full time! Ooo I like that "if its to be, its on me" Tshirt idea right there!


Man your reputation has skyrocketed in these last weeks. You must’ve been hustlin’

Keep it up brotha! Yeah we’re clocking in a lot of weddings and events. No excuses though. Gotta get back on it.

Awesome to hear your coming back! We will meet one day for sure even if it's not this one. Say hi to Catherine and John!

Happy to hear that you are back on the track man ! You are such a big inspiration and motivator for all of us.

There are no excuses indeed - but you you dont have to apologize for your time schedule since we all have a daily life and have the exact same problems like you are describing dude!

Switching priorities is normal and good for us to see what is rly important - we can switch them back everytime and I am glad that you did :D

Looking forward to text with you on discord again and see you on the dtube startpage everyday again :)

Peace !


Yesss!!! What's up man :) great to see you as always. Yeah totally. It takes a lot of energy to balance things out for sure.


Welcome back man, I wondered where you have been and actually asked people.

Let me tell you fam, some people don't like you.

And I can tell you that is for stupid reasons, if you want to succeed in business (online & offline) you have to be politically correct, that's a lesson I had to learn.

You climbed the ladder quickly, and this video in vlog format yet shows me again how you did that.

It's the best VLOG style video that I have seen here in days.

And also good job for taking those glasses off lol, sometimes I thought you wear them to read a script and not get detected LOL.

That's what I thought at least till I started reading a script and it turned out to be shit because its unnatural and doesn't have flow or passion in it.

I would be glad to interview you man! Livestream format? I would like to talk with you about online business & socializing on Steem : )

Interested? 😎


Man this comment was loaded :) well it's nice to hear from you. You win some and lose some :) onward and upward! Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes when you're climbing, others want to pull you down. I say, keep climbin' !!! Be true to yourself and your inner north and those that matter will stick by your side :)


Sometimes when you're climbing, others want to pull you down. I say, keep climbin' !!!

100% Vince, there will always be people that hate us for whatever reason and that should be a sign to us that we are doing something right because we are putting ourselves out there.

Be true to yourself and your inner north and those that matter will stick by your side :)


I watched your whole video. Really it's cool style of yours. Waiting for September 5-8th in Canada event.


Thanks so much for watching!

@dnews welcome back to dlive . happy to see you again


This is on dtube, but thanks :) hopefully I can keep this up

Rejoice! He is alive! We thought Dnews was dead 😂

And be careful for the rest of us... He's back again to destroy all of our videos and fill up the trending page! 🤣

how is work DTube @dnews

DTube is really growing, I've got to get on that. For now, I'm working to get my podcast started, being a student leaves me limited time. Welcome back!


I hear ya :) good luck on your podcast!!

I'm right there with ya. haha. So much footage. Where to start. lol I'll start by just commenting for now. lol Welcome back Vince. Setting the example for all of us once more.

Brother!! It's been too long since we last spoke man! Where have u been! It's good to see you though brother :) missed ur tiny ass feet ;P

Winny out...for now ;)

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Good to see you back Vince. I've missed you bro!