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Just a quick life update for everyone, I've applied to be a cycle courier and I'm just waiting to get my first shifts!

Incase you missed the previous video

Are you interested in how I went from a 310lbs, couch potato to a destroyer of fat, lost over 140lbs and turned my life around?

I offer personalised one to one coaching and I have already helped many others with this.

A great example is one of my clients. When Marte first met me, she'd really lost her way and could of suffered sudden death from a heart attack or stroke at any moment. She would get out of breath walking down the stairs and other simple activities.

After just 6 months of following my advice, Marte had lost 100lbs, I had to tell her to slow down!

Feel free to contact me now, before its too late!

I have an ebook for those who can "coach" themselves Here

My Equipment

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Boya MM1 Microphone with F Grip
  • Acer Swift 3 Laptop

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Wow! That's incredible...... You're doing great; good job


Thank you so much!

Thats crazy I had no idea they had cycle couriers lol Nice man


Yes they do, it's awesome right, getting paid to cycle 😁

Good job thanks for sharing


Thank you and your very welcome 😊

that's good one ,keep up the good work :) @craigtransforms


Thank you, I will do 😊

Well done, respect, keep taking care of your health, I hope I can start more active life as well. ☺


Thanks, keep trying!