Create your own cool reality! (DTube)

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The Secret

Many people have seen "The Secret", and many believe in the idea from it that we create our own reality, while others are understandably skeptical. Having complete control over the events in our life is likely to be a debate for a long time, however, there are many ways in which we do create our own realities, choosing what we pay attention to, and influencing our surroundings for better or worse.

Cognitive bias

We can choose what we focus on, and our brains will all but automatically filter the world for us, through our cognitive biases. If we believe that the world is a bitter, unforgiving place, we will give more weight to callous incidents that we witness or hear about. If we believe that the world is a light, loving place, we will always find an empowering interpretation of events, even seeing the humanity of a situation when something tragic occurs. In the long run, such filters can guide our actions, and end up affecting our environment.

Technological bias

These days, we also have a form of technological cognitive bias called "Google". Search engines anticipate the kind of information which is going to please us, and so they will provide that for us, keeping us in our own bubble.

Social bias

We also have social biases, grouping together with people who hold similar beliefs as us. Even if we do manage to find friends of various opinions, we can still get caught in this trap. If we have strong opinions, our friends might decide not to voice theirs, for risk of offending us or initiating an argument. If we're careful, we can encourage an environment where everyone feels free to speak their mind and to disagree respectfully. Every one of us has the power to create that atmosphere around us. Fortunately, that is something which many people on Steemit and DTube have put in the effort to create.

A beautiful world

So is it true that we create our own realities? It's true enough. It's up to you to decide if you want to live in a callous world, or a beautiful, welcoming one. Then, you can set out to create it.

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Boom !! There he is :)
Loved it.


Thanks @bobaphet. Feels good to be Dtube-dailying

Ive created my own reality to the point I am going to change the world at some point in time #ProjectTransistor


Thanks for commenting, but be careful. If you go around making comments just to promote your own stuff, people are probably going to resent it, they'll consider it spam and they'll flag you. Then your reputation will suffer and it will be hard for you to get ahead on Steemit. Good luck and have fun.

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Far out! - Just like in the DTude Daily chat just now, this is similar in a lot of ways to what I'm going to VLOG on today.

Collective consciousness from across the planet - whatever shape it may be!


Haha right. Steemit hive mind

We have to raise the vibration of energy around us! I am so happy... :D