Weddings are beautiful!

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What’s up Dtube!

Hey guys! It’s been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks. But with that I bring a beautiful story. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.


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Wow, that is a beautiful wedding and venue. And geeky can be fun if not overdone which seems like the case here.

Thanks for sharing @chrispy99


Totally! I love geeky weddings but at some point it can be a bit cringe hahaha

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Beautiful photo of the couple. That light looked great. Cheers!

Absolutely! It was just right. Something that I don’t often see at weddings.

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@chrispy99, That wedding was impressive with nice decorations and lighting. Both bride and groom so awesome. They did nice dance. Perfect story.


It really was beautiful.

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Cool weddings , this wedding planners know how to set that fairytale life !
Keep up the good vlogs bro !

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Right? I can only imagine the costs to pull this off elegantly lol

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Awesome wedding and beautiful place .
I enjoy your video and I waiting for your more videos.


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A very beautiful wedding. You speak very fluently in English. Are you from Philiphines? Success for you.

I am Filipino but i was born in the US. Thanks for noticing. All success to you too.

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