Back at it again, Vegas!

in #dtubedaily5 years ago

What’s up Dtube!

This one isn’t really an Uncut as i try to piece together what happened while I was in Vegas. Enjoy!

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.


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I think your followers would benefit from a variety of background music as opposed to the same one you use. If you've noticed, most vloggers use a various tracks to paint the way they feel. Using the same track over and over can be seen as lazy, or hinder the vibe from monotony. Just giving you honest feedback so you can get better bro

Thanks for your input. I’ll try to expand on the background music more and tune it to the mood of the videos.

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Wooohoooo!!! Chrispy99 in Vegas babeyyyyyyy!!! That’s awesome that u had an amazing time with ur family brother

Winny out... for now 😉


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