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What’s up Dtube!

Been working real hard both at work and with my projects. Recording them would seem boring to watch.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.


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Hey my friend! Thank you for updating us :)

But I want to completely disagree with you about the point

"Recording them would seem boring to watch" - I really don't think so!

Please share some insights of your projects with us :D We need more diy content of any kind! + I love programing :D

Additionaly I am sure that some things in your daily life are entertaining and intersting to see for us. Sometimes we take things as normal because we don't see them from an external perspective. Just try it and record the things you saw different :)

I like that you made some shoutouts! @camuel is an awesome guy. I met him in krakow :)

Thanks for sharing and taking my feeedback as costructive as it could be :D

Peace !


Thanks for the ideas man. You are right that it could be different so I'll make some of those videos. Hope to put it up soon!

Yeah cool!! I am excited :)