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Good news guys... I figured out all the secrets!


Hey friends, @axios here!

I spent all day mustering up all the very best SBD hustle strategies I could find...

And guess what?

I found them.


You're not gonna find hustle strategies like this anywhere else on Steemit or d.tube so grab'm now while they're hot!


Thanks for stopping by!



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Hi Really enjoy your work. This video is great and love your ideas for improv. Wanted to invite you to speak at Steem Creators Conference April 13-15, 2018 in Las Vegas.
I'm I.J. @steemcafe email me at ij@collegeloanfreedom.com
cc logo 2.3.jpg


Hey @steemcafe! Thank you for reaching out! I've made a note to check out more of your stuff. I'm intrigued! I'll be in touch friend :)


That'd be AMAZING if you came @axios I would love to meet you cause your content is so high quality :)

Way to go brother, you're killing it :)
@whatamidoing 's Dead post initiative is actually how I first found you, haha.
Oh, and by the way, there's a better way to peel a banana :)
Check out my Dtube vid to see how :)


Thank you bro! And wow, that video was a game changer haha


I AM SORRY for this, it will never happen again.


Bro this is a good example of spamming. You didn't even mention or try to engage with my post at all. You may absolutely invite me to your posts if you do it in a considerate manner. This is just straight spam. Next time, seek to connect first.


First... this is a good way to get a flag instead of an upvote, second... instead of buying a car that is not going to give you any money in the future you should have reinvested a large % of that into other cryptos, like ETH, EOS, XLM and ofc STEEM

Dtube upvote :) Gz bro :)


I was so pumped that @dtube saw it!

Lmao Cambells soup...lol


hahaha :P

@axios ... my man! Wow, you are hilariously funny. I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos. They are entertaining and informational. You rock and I look forward to seeing more. Cheers!


@kenmelendez I thoroughly appreciate this comment! Thanks so much man! I'm so glad you enjoy them. I just try to have fun, learn, and then share the love along the way. Thanks so much for stopping by brother!

you done a fabulous job best wishes for you sir
keep going on
God bless you
many best wishes for your initiative
i check out that
we can also participate in that


Thank you @yasirgawad! Best wishes :)

That video start of you jumping up and down on the fence... kinda reminded me of my dog when i got home xD
Keep up with the good dtube material


hahhaha that's a pretty damn good comparison. I'm quite random sometimes lol


I could see that in the video, but it was cool, i should start making some dtube material too, but i don't want to show my ugly face on steemit :P and i don't have any good stuff to talk about...


you should make some! you don't need to show yourself to make videos either. there's always a way!


I'm buying one of those horse masks to make dtube videos xD

Great presentation and love the choice of music!


Also, your subtle humor is the bomb! :D

Have a great day!


Thank you bro! So glad you enjoyed it. Yeah I went 60s with the music this time and I did not regret it :)

very informative post ...
why i did not found you some day ago..
thanks for your information @axios

"Are you the next YouTube star? Well, stop it." Hahaha!



Nice one, like your style, makes it sound all very easy. . . Some motivation for the steeming. It's a great platform we steem to be in!


Yes it truly is a great platform. Glad you enjoyed it @abelartist!

Good shit <3 fist (1).png

I watched this video 2x speed - it seemed to be perfect speed of communication for your type of talking xD, in a good way

P.S. Great tips by the way, as you see I am applying already commenting tip, next one have to find that contest you spoke about ;)



Thank you @kurtgrey! I may have to take your advice and try some parts at 2x speed - that sounds fun actually!

Also, here's the deadpost initiative intro post. If you click on @whatamidoing's profile then scroll down to the recent deadpost, you can submit articles there. https://steemit.com/contest/@whatamidoing/the-deadpost-initiative-share-your-most-undervalued-work-sbd-prize

You're killing it brother! 🤝
@axios, would you be willing to share a post on how to get videos from your phone ON to dtube?
Hint: I'll bet @dtube will pimp THAT post up!
Great stuff man, looking forward to meeting you at steemfest3 👍


Thank you @scan0017!!

And YES, great question! I will most definitely look into that aspect of d.tube.

Looking forward to seeing you there too bro!

hey man you seem pretty awesome this is one of the first videos i have watched here. Its obvious that you're a hit sensation and shut up and take my updoot


hahaha thank you @commishoner! So glad you enjoyed it and welcome to the world of dtube!

I heard a few of your tips somewhere (I really dont remember though) but, the way you explained that's pretty commendable. I was surprised to know that how did you manage to wrap up all in just within 5 mins?


Glad you enjoyed it @knowkrish. I filmed this thing a bunch of different ways and ended up turning it into more of a sketch to make it more interesting and to convey the info faster! Bottom line, when you really know what you're trying to express, its easier to express it faster and more effectively!

Orcas. What about orcas? They need love too :)



hahaha @adetorrent, ok ok orcas too!

up vote and re steam


Thank you :)

"Wow! Look at this comment! Isnt it great? Its a great helpful comment about stuff in your video. Now go and upvote it! We are now blog buddies." 😂😂

Haha. Anyways, great work.

SIR, you are hilarious!! I was grinning through your very funny but also very informative vlog - totally awesome. Isn't wine-ing and vlogging the best? :D ok, so this is off topic, but maybe you can do a learning pole vlog sometime?? I feel like it would be super funny


YESSS! I totally will do that. Learning pole vlog sounds amazing lol. Annnd heck yes wine and vlogs are most def where it's at!


hahahah ok no wine and pole, but I look forward to that pole post very much. I'm sure your cute gf can teach you a few things! :D please let me know AS SOON AS it comes out!


I've already injured myself twice without the wine so that's probably a really great idea haha and yes of course I will totally let you know :D


oh noes! haha be careful!!!

Great video. Just starting out myself so these are some really nice wee tips that will come in handy. Cheers bud.


Thank you! So happy to hear that @dcmmotorbike!

@axios, you're super funny! And your suggestions actually make sense! :) And Cambell soup still exists? Crazy! I thought nowadays it's only available in Warhol's works! :D


Believe it or not... it does. I really thought that too lol :P

Dude, the tips were really good but the video itself... absolutely hilarious! I loved that part where you actually said that you've already written five comments while recording this :D


hahahah yes that was actually my favorite part as well. I can't stop laughing at myself. Glad you liked it bro!

This is probably the most entertaining video you've ever made. I laughed out loud several times throughout, and then just when my guard was down because I thought the video was over, you hit me with the second "creamy tomato" can and I lost it!

The way you shot this video has really got me thinking that I need to break out of the controlled environment that is my room, and start interacting and shooting videos in the real world. Or at least break out of my comfort zone with my writing style and try things that are fun and engaging instead of just informative or insightful.


YESSSS! Mission accomplished :) I told you I was having fun with this schtuff! So pumped you loved it too!

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