in dtubedaily •  9 months ago

Hey, friends! ✌🏼

I'm back from my holidays in nature, a graduation celebration and other stuff.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

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Yeah nice and positive update :)

I think you are looking pretty good grounded an refreshed after your free time!
And Gratulations to you diplomaaaaaa !! Yeih !

I am super excited about the changes you are planing to do and I hope everything works fine. Dont forget to have fun implement these changes because change is sometimes hard. Even positive changes have to get worked out and a relocation could be much much work.

My tip for your writing / video - balance-stuff: Combine these passions :) It is that easy I think :P
But most important: Keep steeming !


Thanks so much, @tibfox!
Great thought! Change is always fun and exciting. It's best to just push the fear of the unknown aside and trust that the change will always lead to a positive outcome in some way. :)

Eh, yeah, I used to write long articles by videos, that's one way to combine the two.

Infomative and whats that behind the flowers?


Thanks! You mean, scissors in my hands, or the road?

looks like you had good time and good information , thanks for sharing, sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos, i just subscribed now


Thanks so much! :)

Welcome back .....where did you go for holiday??

Nice informative video ....just keep it up@art.life


Thanks! I was out in the deep, deep countryside, 4 h-drive away from my city.


Ohh just wow ....roaming around world is always fun.....👍please look at my post also if u like just upvote me.

nice video , i like the way you record it <3


Thank you, Adele! <3