DTube | Ed Sheeran | Perfect (by Alexza Cover)

in dtubedaily •  9 months ago

Hey everyone!!! I really hope you enjoyed my over of Perfect by Ed Sheeran!!! I think this is one of the best covers I've ever done and ahhh I'm so happy I finally got to share it with everyone! LOVE YOU!

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its great thanks for sharing

Oczywiście że nam się podoba i wciąż czekamy na wiecej <3 Też Cie kochamyyy

Beautiful :D

Perfect as always <3

Perfect voice :) I'm about to make a sax cover of this song. Keep it up!

for some reason i thought this said amazon alexa cover i was too confused or too baked idk

Daaaamn girl! This cover is perfect! <3

Love this song !!!!

Keep up the great work @alexza always leaving me mesmerised with your tone.

This song reminds me of my ex-girlfriend and my loss :(


But very good cover ^^

You sound amazing! Keep it up.

Please get a Skill & real life girl.

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Check my sound on my blog! :)

Goodness gracious. Well done.

WoW, your voice is amazing I started listening to your video while on mobile but 5 seconds in I was like nope i need some better speakers!

You be a, frowny face singer ;-)

and bitgeek down there says your 4th highest earning in that period thats pretty crazy!

Lets see what else you cover?

Oh, I really like this song and you have a beautiful voice! Very well performed :)

Strong. You can only keep improving. Cannot find fault.