DTUBE - Another First Visit Location - Sharing Breakfast With @ Birds - @fundition Update

in dtubedaily •  6 months ago

Hey Steemit and @dtube,
With only 2 and a half weeks till the Cape to Cape MTB race, and my son arriving home later this morning, here's a quick update on the training and why I love everything about this and future adventures @fundition!

I get to see a location that I haven't visited before, just 15 minutes ride from my house, and I get to share breakfast with two beautiful birds.


The GoPro 7 handled the riding well, and now I just have to set up my vlogging rig to make it a little easier.

Thanks for watching.

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That look like a great place


It was such a great spot :)

Nice nice 🔥

good luck

Beautiful view before that event in 2 weeks.
One question, how do I do to have a successful project in @fundition? I'm about to publish one, but I really do not know, and I needed a guide that I would have already achieved, please and thank you :D


Like anything, make sure you let people know what you are doing but more importantly why. Communicate through the @fundition website and most of the how to’s are there. They are a great group of people.


Okay, thank you very much, so I'm going to contact them through the discor, thank you very much, friend. and that you succeed in your