Dtube - THANK YOU @fundition and @dtube For Helping Us Raise $34,000 For Charity

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Hey Steemit and @dtube,

I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your support through our @fundtion page to raise money for RMHC Perth. We passed our goal by $4,000 which was in part do to the support of the Blockchain.

I am really proud that something so new, something that is building as we go, can make such a quick and major difference in the lives of these families.

Now I have to get ready for a Mountain Bike race :)

Thank you again everyone, I really appreciate you support and encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you.

The Adventurous Soul
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dtube is a vary great platform.


That it is, and more to come it would seem :)

Congratulations - awesome result!


Wow that's great.


This is fantastic man! We have a local RMHC here connected closely to our University hospital, and I know numerous people they have helped. Very cool charity.


Thanks buddy, it was certainly a fun packed day that ended up raising much more than I anticipated. The blockchain also helped :)

That is a freaking awesome number :)


Thanks buddy. The team did a fantastic job, just fantastic

A very touching vid Rod, i actually choked up when you mentioned that not one person took up the 1/2 way lift option.


Thanks mate, the kids were a special group of people.


Kids always are, it's usually the parents who put the brakes on :)

Thats is such a great achievement! Well done!


i really admire you, Looks like I've seen you through the onewovedtube discord channel.


I just started with dtube, nice to meet you.

The charitable work is of great importance, and it has a positive impact on all the individuals who work in it, and the most important things that seek charity work to achieve:

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