Why does DTube even have Twitch as an option, and why do Steemit previews suck..? /rant

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Now that I plan to post more often, I though I would check out what was going on with D.Tube

I was pretty excited to see that there was an option to post Twitch links and share the content that I'm most active at creating. I stream on Twitch 5 days a week, and I get a lot of clips and videos.

I was going to share a funny clip here, on Steemit, but the preview just wouldn't work. It just showed up as a link, which is weird since a link to your Twitch channel itself shows a perfect preview. I thought maybe linking my Twitter post would work, but that also showed up as a link, so as a last resort idea I decided to try DTube.

I thought, heyyy if I post it on DTube, it will post to Steemit anyways, and I've used Dtube in the past, so I knew it would have a nice preview. Well guess what, their Twitch integration SUCKS!

I should have known, because I tried sharing a livestream there before, and although it played, and allowed comments, the next time I streamed, it still counted as the same video post as my previous stream. What!? I don't even...

This time, I tried posting a link to my Twitch clip. It worked! It showed a preview, let me add a description and tags, and showed a link back to the Twitch clip itself. I hit post, and BAM it went through... well kinda. It was a black screen, no preview, grayed out text, and didn't actually post to DTube or Steemit, and now I can't even find my way back to the page... RIP post.

Thus... I give up on DTube until I decide to make my own montages. At least the YouTube support works. At least I remember it working... who knows.

Seriously, just remove the Twitch option if it doesn't work guys... don't tease people with it.

And, that brings me to...

Why after all the time that this site has been here, do they still not support embedded previews of most videos, etc...? It's not going to stop me from using this site, but damn is it going to decrease the quality of my posts... And why does the preview image of the post itself still suck? Why can't we just choose to crop it or something?

And, seriously, when is someone going to make an actually decent social crypto site? They all suck in their own way.

Okay, rant over.

If I'm missing something here, and y'all have some tips for me, throw em this way. I'll definitely listen. I'm not really mad or anything, just very disappointed.

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There are a lot of things done on this platform that don't make any sense. I don't get it, either.

Also, as an aside, have you tried streaming on Vimm lately? I know you were on dLive when they were on the Steem blockchain, wondering if you looked into them at all.

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