Here's why you should use DTube (and become a DTuber!)

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Hello everyone! In this video I'm going to explore the reasons why I think everyone on Steemit should use DTube. I think it is an amazing platfor with great potential, and I say this out of passion, not just out of the desire to have a decentralized platform.
I'm not against Youtube or anything like that, but I truly think the internet needs a place tho chill down and that allow people to be paid based on their talent, passions and interests. A place where people can get paid for the VIDEOS they do, not for the ads that advertisers (like me, by the way) put on them :)


so Can we say goodbye to YouTube?

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I love the idea behind Dtube but when I go to watch a video there, the video stops loading and no matter how many times I refresh it the video gets stuck in the same spot every time...meanwhile videos on youtube load just fine. Not sure if it is a browser issue? I'm using Chrome (64-bit Version 60.0.3112.101). Anyone else having this issue?

mm, I'm using Chrome on 64 bit too and I have no problems with videos :(

Yikes, I have no idea what is going on then. I will keep trying different methods of viewing the videos on Dtube and see if anything changes.