#Wednesday Walk - Extreme Weather!

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I do love my #wednesday walk and chose to put together a video as opposed to pictures every time. Just a little more immersive, I can speak a little, and a change of perspective.

Today, I am exploring a little in-climate weather. It is the season of thunder storms as the hot mixes with the cool and the great lakes play havoc with the temps. This one starts just outside of a place I was working and ends in the garden.

Stay tuned for the ever-popular Blooper at the end!

Thanks again to @tattooedjay for starting and continuing the #wednesdaywalk. Make sure you check out his blog and this post for details on how you can participate and earn SBI units. https://steemit.com/esteem/@tattoodjay/wednesday-walk-challenge-and-steem-basic-income-give-away-17a4afef1b891

Did you do any walking today?

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I heard it was horrible in NY too ! Luckily I was away, but I really hate the rain..... unless I’m on the couch , with a glass of wine .... a good book / or movie .... and under a soft blanket ..... I don’t like the rain ... lol

It turned out to be not so bad. Some neat noises and a bit of rain so I didn’t have to water the garden.

Though a drink on a couch with a soft blanket sounds great too.

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That is a wicked looking sky! Thanks for including the blooper at the end. It made me laugh!

Yes it surprised me when I came out to put some tools in my car. Outdoor events had apparently been cancelled because they knew it was coming but that’s how I found out.

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It is pouring down rain where I am.. my back yard is flooded my front yard is flooded... lol

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Yah it is raining here now too. My back yard gets flooded too in the spring though because the lawn used to be a pool before I moved here.

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LMAO at your dogs timing

Those were such intense clouds I would have bet they would lead to Thunder and lightning as I am riding the train home I am seeing a storm cell out the window not as intense as in your video but lots of thunder and lightning

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

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