8. 12 Strangest Finds In The Desert

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Desert. Wasteland. Sandlot. Emptiness. The meaning is always the same - "lack of something", "absence of everything". Nevertheless, the deserts are mankind's storerooms. These are the balconies, littered with old things. Equipment, towers, airplanes, palaces: you can find evidence of any era in the deserts of our planet. It was in the desert that the Egyptians built their tombs. Biblical prophets left for the desert for new impressions and heavenly revelations. The states of India and Mesopotamia, Mexico and South America. The desert was a true companion of the brightest and most memorable civilizations of our planet. The Romans and the Chinese tried to learn about the desert and "tame" it. Spanish conquistadors and "pioneers" of the American West were fighting with the desert. It is not surprising that every new hero and every country left some part of themselves in the desert. But some of these parts are too unusual and unique. And they deserve a separate story. Now you will see 12 of the strangest finds in the desert.
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