500 Subscribers Milestone - You all rock!

in dtube •  5 months ago

In this HwZ 54, I celebrate my 500 subscribers and give a quick shoutout to my 500th subscriber (@coruscate).

Here is to 500 more!
Together We are Strengthening the STEEMblock!
#steempowerment @onelovedtube @teamsteemup @cgp #communitygrowthproject

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YAY!! I love that I was your 500th follower!! 🙌🏻

You are seriously crushing it on here and I know you’ll be celebrating another milestone before you know it!

Everyone always struggles with my name... LOL. It’s pronounced like “chorus-Kate”. You said it right the second time! Haha

Anyway, I’m super stoked for you on your follower milestone!


Lol, thanks for clarifying your name, that was bugging me haha. Thank you for the kind words. Once I get settled up with my new job, I will start producing at a higher rate again.

First of all congratulations on your achievement!

Remember number of followers is not a real achievement and I’m sure you’ll achieve real success with your Steem journey by adding more value and positively impacting people’s life


The followers number is a real milestone when you start from zero investment @nathanmars. The large majority of my followers are active users. No one after the first 200 followed me with greedy intentions 👍. Just the first follower milestone, 1000 is next.


I’m sure you’ll achieve your milestone 1000 followers very very soon @zainenn :)

I’ve a question. As you said you started from Zero investment, what is your definition of investment?

For me

  1. Money
  2. Time
  3. Energy
  4. Kindness
  5. Respectful
  6. Consideration...
    And many other things are some kind of investment.

Good point. To clarify, specifically, when an account is created with large financial investment, the people who are looking for a hand out flock to the profile, all the "dead steemians."

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@zainenn Great video man! Grats on the 500 Subscribers! I hope you had fun at the BBQ. LOL! I love how the Johovah's Witness waved. That was very funny.

Great video....

Boom one more to get you closer to 1k eheheh congrats. :) i will keep an eye on what you are up to. ;)

congratulations on the success, 500 good for you

Congrats my friend, I subscribed to you also, now you have 502. Very nice channel!

Congrat I have a bit more the 500 followers but the most them are bots.

Congrats you deserve every follower u have you have been working everyday ik u will have 1000 plus by the end of the year

Congrats Nate!

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Very nice, activity lead to success. ☺