Whale Watching - Hire a Curator?

in dtube •  7 months ago

In this HwZ Episode 68, I pose a question to the STEEM community. What if these large non-active accounts hired someone to do the curation for them? Also, I show a future steemian for a second ;) Hey co-worker!


Special Thanks to Adam Kokesh and his team (Cody you the man) without you Adam I would not be here. Thank you so much for helping me grow!
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Regards @zainem

Hope you've seen my previous comment one one of your videos

Great content in your video

I was wondering to ask if there will appear here on steemit/dtube/dsound the whales curators that will support the artistic spectrum here o this spectrum

Thanks for answer and hope you'll enjoy my music at some moment if you'll visit my pages



I cannot say for certain, however, I'm sure STEEM will only grow over time!

There is an other whale who upvote minnows as well, he support good quality posts, I've got from him a good upvote twice wirth about $50 when the price of steem was higher, he is @yoo1900 . You can take a look at what he is doing, he gives 5 big upvote to minnows everyday. There is also @surpassinggoogle , he is also very active and he upvotes a lot of people and support them.

But of course there are a lot of whales that don't even use their power, it's really sad while people are working so hard but don't recieve the support they deserve. I think it will be good if developers just give away that non used power to minnows or to communities like dtubedaily, onelovedtube, dcooperation and others.

Pretty good idea to talk about this topic in a video dude.
I would also like to see more action from these giant accounts. They are wasting so much power and mostly working against the blockchain imo.

Hiring one people would be such a small move for such a big impact for the blockchain.
We will see if there will be more action in the future or if they rly don't care about the content and just investing..

That would be pretty great! Non-active members should at least delegate more of their steem to active friends. That would help out the users still using and believing in Steem!

I would love to have some power to play with for the #OneLoveDTube community, I am certain a beneficial arrangement could be made for both parties and it would push us further down the road with the curation we are currently doing!

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