Georgian Beet Salad

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This is actually really good. I offered my aunt some after I made it, and she said she doesn't like beets, but she'll try a little; and she said she liked it a lot! This is actually the first time I ever cooked beets in my life. I made it the first time and I guess i didn't boil it long enough, and then I couldn't peel them. I had to make the video all over again.

Beets are one of the ingredients in V-8 juice. Not a lot of vegetables that people regularly eat in the US are purple. Beta carotene is what makes it purple. I don't think I get enough of it. I do drink a lot of vegetable juice though. I understand too much beta carotene is dangerous. I didn't read too thoroughly into that. I eat everything in moderation just to be safe.

I'm not happy with the way the audio sounds in this video. I'm not sure why there's still a hiss sound. I did everything possible to minimize it in Adobe Premiere and Audition. I might have to change the settings on my PC before the next voiceover. Sometimes Windows is goofy and settings randomly get set back to default. The YouTube version below sounds better. So much time goes into the audio on all my videos. I need a soundproof studio. It is what it is.

As I often tend to do, I didn't really measure or weigh anything. I just made it. I don't even know if this is really what they eat in Georgia. I used a recipe I found online and just made it own slightly different way. I guess the recipe is authentic. According to US copyright law, a list of ingredients and a process to prepare food are not plagiarism. The ingredients here are approximate.


7 medium beets

1 cup of walnuts

3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt

4 cloves of garlic

1 small handful of cilantro

Juice of 1/2 a lemon




Peel the beets.

Boil the beets for about 45 minutes until it pieces easily with a knife.

Pan roast walnuts in olive oil on high for about 5 minutes until brown, but not black.

When the beets are finished boiling, replace the boiling water with cold water to cool them down.

Chop the cilantro.

Mince the garlic.

Grate the cooled beets.

Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy!

Longer and more descriptive videos on my YouTube Channel

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Make me some! I love beets and you can dye clothes with them

I love beet so I know I would love this salad thanks for sharing and also

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I believe that is delicious to eat ... but is surely great to look at too ... beautiful colors

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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I know a few beet salads and I love them both, so I know I will love yours.

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for the recipe and the list of ingredients.

Yummy! 😋 where is the beetroot when I need it?!? 😆 But for sure I have to try that out as soon as I have some!

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Thats a salad I would love I do love beets and have then as often as I can :)

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