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A simple green smoothie recipe you can make on the fly! I grew the dark leafy greens myself. I have hyperthyroidism, and I'm treating myself naturally without medication, and dark leafy greens are among what I need to heal myself. I always freeze bananas when they are my preferred ripeness before they start turning brown. When the peel easily, they are right for my preference. I removed the strings and cut off the ends in the video. In a smoothie, I guess that doesn't really matter, but it's a habit, and I did it.

I'm ordering a nut milk bag so I can make homemade nut milk videos including almond milk and coconut milk. Store brands usually have a lot of preservatives. I'm very particular about what I put in my body (usually). If I become a Steem billionaire, I will still get my hands dirty and grow my own food because it's the healthiest way to do it, and I know everything is grown properly and organically without risk of salmonella, etc. I recently read an article about how the dairy industry wants to pass a law so only real milk can be labeled as milk. You can call it almond juice, but milk is what it looks like and is generally used in substitution as.


1 large handful of dark leafy greens (I used spinach, Swiss chard, and kale)

2 cups of almond milk

2 yellow bananas


Slice bananas and freeze for at least 1 hour.

Add almond milk to blender.

Add greens on top and blend on high about 2 minutes.

Add the frozen bananas on top and blend again om high for 2 minutes.

Longer versions on all my videos can be found on my YouTube channel


This is a cool recipe for summer! Thanks for sharing.

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@xsgreen-cook yeah its hard to find almond milk without all the additives or sugar added.. Very frusterating.

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Next time try eating this with a Lager by your side.

I will have to try this, I used to have a lot of smoothies but have got a bit slack,

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I like your recipe for the green smoothie. I applaud your thoughts about how food is adulterated today, and one has to be careful what they're eating/drinking. I think you would find Steven Gundry MD's book called "Longevity Paradox" that just came out earlier this month. He was a cardiac surgeon for 16 years and then developed an interest in the microbiome (gut bacteria) and how they affect our body's health. Before reading the book, listen to a few of his podcasts on iTunes or Instagram. Try to listen to the ones where he does all the talking rather than those where he interviews someone and focuses more on their interests. I think you will find that his philosophy on nutrition is very much in line with yours. Let me know what you think....Best to you on managing your hyperthyroidism.

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Nice recipe!

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