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RE: Matchpool GUPPY (GUP): Target $5.38 (427% Profit Potential!!)

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You know I'm also a chart reader, not as skilled as Haejin, and have played the stock market for many years with great success. All we have is chart and TA. Coin is no different from the Stock Market. By the way you state your comments, you just pretty much flushed the work of Ralph Nelson Elliot and Dow Jones down the toilet, which has worked for over a century. Many billions have been made on the stock market, generation after generation. I can really tell that the newb isn't Haejin or other Elliot Wave Theorist, but it is you for not understanding it. Maybe you should at least read Elliot Wave Principle, Dow Theory or at least wiki both of them and figure out who those two figures are. While you are at it, you should research Fibonacci, he is a mathematician from the Renaissance era. Then you'll figure how math and stock trend goes hand in hand with cryptocurrency. He is not gambling, he never told when to buy or sell. His whole point is for you to learn how to read bullish indicators from different signals, which if I may add, were developed and recognized by many traders and economist over a century in the stock market.


It's easy to say oh look this coin will go up x%, and this one as well, oh and this one too when the whole market is just going up. He doesn't even tell you when, he just tell's you that it will go up. Well, congrats, very useful prediction. Did he ever predict the market would go down like it did past week? No, cuz apparently all his 5-3 waves and fancy cups all predict everything will rise...?? If Tron announces a partnership with Space X for example, Tron prices will surge, do you really believe then that that was because of a wave or cup?? No, the team, the project and the marketing make prices increase, TA is used to determine whether or not it's a good time to step in, in crypto. But by saying the price will go up in the future you, you basically said nothing useful. This is crypto, not the stock market. Know the difference, corrections as Elliot calls them don't exist in crypto, where is it correcting to?? There is no such thing as a correction and a support line in crypto, those are just copied from the stock market analysis. Think again. And if you don't believe me, believe him. He talks about this at 4:07. And he is probably far more experienced in the whole asset market than you are.