Travel Pro Eats #61: Home Made Ukrainian Pancakes with Marina in Kiev Ukraine! (3 min video)

in dtube •  18 days ago

Hey there my Steemit friends! In these "Travel Pro Eats" videos I try food from around the world and report back to you. Always an honest review with the experience of eleven years of traveling and eating; we compare quality, taste, price, service, and more in this Travel Pro Eats Series!

In this video my friend Marina from Kiev Ukraine shows us how to make a very special Ukrainian dish, pancakes! But they are nothing like traditional American pancakes, they are a whole other thing! Now let's see how they are made, and how good they are.

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Video/Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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I first found out and saw Ukrainian Pancakes. This is new knowledge for me.

Thank you for sharing this


Glad you enjoyed the video.

Delicious looking food, and I am green with envy at her kitchen; my kitchen has total countertop space equal to about one large handkerchief.

I think you're right on the money with your comparison to blintz or blini/bliny. They also look very similar to something my aunt used to make, and her family was Swedish...

Another excellent and very interesting video, good buddy! Keep up the good work.


Thank you for the kind words. Always a pleasure seeing your comments.

First time I have seen making pancake with that "circle tool". However the food ilooks delicious


Yeah it's an interesting way to make them.

This is totally different from Malaysian pancakes. Ours one will be two types. One is sweet type which is usual banana pancakes.

The other one will be salty type made from normal flour with water and add small dried prawns and chives.

Wonderful sharing and we can get to know each other's food and cultures.


Very good to learn about how you do things in Malaysia as well. Thanks for the comment.

I have experience about SL pancakes. But first time I see Ukrainian pancakes how to make. In fact I got big knowledge from your wife and you. Seems very delicious. Keep going with food recipes.


Thank you, glad you enjoyed. But she was never my wife, and we ended up breaking up about a month later! lol


Oh I guessed wrong. However her cooking skills superb.

looks like the food in Ukraine seems yummy and good quality. love to visit sometime


Glad you liked the video.

Great pankakaes are my favourite breakfast ever !

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