Travel Pro Adventure #28: Tour of Koh Phagnan Thailand with Karoline Part Two (7 min video)

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Hey there friend and followers! In this second part of our adventure with Karoline in Koh Phagnan Thailand we stop at an elephant camp! The Elephants are magnificent and we get a little education from Karoline about the "dos and don'ts" when it comes to Elephant tourism in South East Asia.

From there we find the trail leading to the best view point on the island. We trek through the jungle, then we risk life and limb to get to this secret spot. Karoline almost freaks out when she sees that she has to crawl along a double sided cliff's edge to get to the view point.

I lead her along the way and she receives a congratulatory high five for not falling to her death! We enjoy this magnificent view of the eastern coast of Koh Phagnan, then we head back. Unfortunately one of Karoline's flip flops breaks and she has to do the trek back though the jungle barefoot.

It's an exciting adventure and final part three is maybe the best of this awesome three part adventure with Karoline and Dan Steemit's "World Travel Pro!" on the Island of Koh Phagnan Thailand!

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Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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Stopping by my Friend! :) Your adventures are truly out of this world, just like you my Friend! :) Paradise! :) Your posts most definitely take me out of reality. :) I absolutely love elephants. Such magnificent and awesome animals. Please give her a congratulatory high five from me also. :) I can't wait to check out part three. All the VERY best! :) Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

hill, blue water, sky view all everything is very pure beautiful. thanks to share this brother.


Thanks for stopping by!

Yow! A very nice place! Dude! More video! 😊😊😊


Thanks Kenny! So glad you enjoy my work here.

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Thank guys! You rock!

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Mountains and the color of water are amazing! So where's the photo of elephant lol :)

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Thank you! It's in the video!


Oh, ok. I'll check it when got to WiFi ;)

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Lovely place

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I'm glad to have an adventure because you've got a lot of fun 👌🏻😍

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Thank you! I always have a lot of fun and it makes it even more special sharing it with you!