Second Womb ~ Message to the Heavens (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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We recently had the wonderful experience in touring to Oaxaca, Mexico to perform for the good people as The Shitty Truth Tour along side of my brother from another Rellthetruth I think its safe to say we made history in more ways then one!

This music video Message to the Heavens took place in the most organic way possible, when opportunity is in your space take advantage. Call me one take Jake out this jawn!! THE WOMB IN EVERY ROOM FOOLS NEVER BEEN!!


this is dark matter
gamma rays that cause cancer
to a wack rapper
who flow is ass-backwards
snack on that then attract a pack of bad
to the bone cats who own stacks
and profit from the phone taps and cognac
these my rhymes I own that
don't call me in your office
hoping we going to conform
cause we aint for that
The Womb is where the soul at
control aint known where I'm formed
pitchforks on your lawn
right hand on your heart
American grown not an American clone
I'm Dookie Brown not the asshole
only what it shitted out
I spit like a talking fish
offering my thoughts on the awkwardness
of walking carcasses on blood soil
lying to thy neighbor
dying over paper
mortal man waiting on a savior
who can really save ya
you better ask somebody
about the kid in the lobby
who teaching people karate
the revolutions on its way
and you ain't got a shotty your tell-lie-vision
get equipped with the well envisioned
double headed quarter who slaughtered
any sort of kind of instrumental offered
parked where Peter brought Mary Jane often
apart of the universal conscious
Oneness never run become this
feed it to the youngin's
evoke it to the Sun
and spread love when you done
you reach I teach
we at peace capiche
don't sleep cuz I eat with beast
who only creep and they feast discrete
peeling cheeks once they crease the sheets
and won't leave until their seeds are free

displease that your easily deceived
by the screens that be the plague
to the P E O P L E
any C E O or C O P
caught in the stampede of armageddon
let them know the weaponry of choice
Is the unity of brethren
the closer the connection
the better the protection
equipped with a message from the heavens
a message from the heavens
Second Womb birthed the connection


We are currently on tour fully backed by blockchain technology, If interested in having us Dookiebrownflow x Father Earth = Second Womb perform in your city contact us at [email protected]

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#SpreadTheDoookie I AM always waiting to hear more from you cuzzin. Much love and RESPECT.


Salute bruh... we have alot in the works man! so much content for the block chain!! watch my next move!!

Yoo! This is some real dopeness right there, dope video and fayah lyrics!!!! Wooo Hooo


eyyyyy mannn! wekeep a flame lit!! the womb in every room they never been... keep hip hop thriving!!

Brother from another mother lol. What amazes me is that every group has so many songs and you guys learn all the lyrics of by heart. It takes so much time and people only see the end product.


😂 hey man the end product shows our attention to detail.. We are bless to be able to connect on this level!



my guy!! thanks a bunch mannnn.... we just bringing thepeople what they need!

Nice lyrics brother, time for the people of earth to fight the real enemies of the central banks and governments. We gotta stop being played by this cabal of soulless beings that keep us distracted and divided through the "tell-lie-vision". If we support each other through counter markets, trade, cryptos it game over for the psychopaths.

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Exactly on point.... It only my job to be an alarm for the truth of the matter, no worries all will fall in place for the greater good! The shift is in motion!!

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Wooh loved this piece. I love the lyrics man, :) I feel like saying thanks for those lyrics


Hahaha thats a blessing...i just speak the truth as i see it!!! #spreadthedookie my wombmate


yo yo #spreadthedookie, high five.

Woa Dooks, this stuff is amazing, keep it going man, you'll be reaching well deserved spots in no time :)


We on the rise family.. No matter the destination Love is universal


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How'd you guys put together the Mexico tour??
If you don't mind..


Honestly i just built on relations i made in the blockchain space.. And a friend from the cyrpto world wanted to try his hand at throwing events, so he brought us out to rock the mic!!!


Niiiice! Thanks for responding. Keep doing what you're doing.
Hopefully we'll link at one of your shows


wouldnt stop if i could stop... one of my shows? where are you located?? you flying me out?? hahaha


Fresh!! How'd you guys put
Together the Mexico
Tour?? If you don't mind..

                 - lovecoachk

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oh wow! this is tight, great job dude!


Thanks folk, i all came together so effortlessly very happy with this one... Keep an 👀 out more heat to come soon!

great stuff dookie , good to see you back


Thanks bruh, good to be back...feels good to see my crew still keeping 👀 on me.., trying to figure all thats new on steemit as well



Much respect 💪😤

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I’m grateful that i just discovered you. This is my kind of boom bap vibe. Conscious ! Elaborated music!

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maddd respect yoo... I welcome you to check out our "Live from the cave" ep series... we released 24 eps in 24 months for our #wombmates to get jiggy to... we just here to elevate the consciousness of our people!

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