Just A Second 2013 - 1 Second Everyday (Making one for 2019!!)

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I'm making another one of these videos this year, which will make my fifth one since I started in 2012! We're only about 15 days away from 2020, so I figured I'd make a quick post about it to set expectations.

The following video & description are from 2013, which was my most popular of these videos since I began making them in 2012.

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A LOT happened this year. We shot several weddings, baby portraits, and family video portraits. We had 60º weather in February, ice in May, and record flooding in August. We had two major comets. A massive meteor exploded over Russia. The Boston Marathon was bombed. The US Government shut down for 16 days. The pope resigned. China soft-landed the first spacecraft on the moon since 1976. And we lost great people like James Gandolfini, Lou Reed, and Nelson Mandela among many others.

And in the middle of all that chaos...we had a baby anyway.

Filmed with a set of Canon EOS 550D's using Sigma lenses, as well as a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black.

A huge thank you to Harold Alexis for permission to use the extended edition of his remix of Gregory Esayan's song "Innerspace" in this video. http://soundcloud.com/Harold-Alexis

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Notable Dates::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Jan 04: Local news station featured my "Just A Second 2012" video on TV. It ended up being featured on over a dozen other outlets around the world.

Feb 11, 12, & 13 combined. It's the same scene at the same time of day on both the 11th and 13th, but with snow in between on the 12th.

Feb 28: Mom's retirement party.

Mar 13: The PanSTARRS Comet.

Mar 22: We shot this fun wedding in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Mar 29: Yep, another wedding shoot! This one was in Diamond City, Arkansas.

Mar 30: WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!! Carolyn was 7 weeks and 2 days along here. This is our first.

Apr 09: The day I assembled the crib.

Apr 15: The Boston Marathon bombing.

Apr 24: A drive through downtown Springfield, Missouri.

May 01: Love those clouds.

May 03: ICE in MAY??? This day was actually a record breaker for both Missouri & Arkansas if I'm not mistaken.

May 11: Okay, so I obviously didn't film this one, it was the NY Port Authority. But I felt this event (the erecting of the spire atop the new Freedom Tower in NYC) was a significant enough moment to include in the project, so I sped it up and threw it in.

May 14: Carolyn's first ultrasound. It was an early one they did to see if the baby was too big for the CVS test. We also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time here.

Jun 08: Speaks for itself.

Jun 27: I finally replaced my GoPro HD Hero 2 with a Hero 3 Black Edition. 120fps awesomeness to follow!

Jun 30 & Jul 01: Gotta love slo-mo underwater clips.

Jul 02: IT'S A BOY!!! Carolyn was almost 21 weeks along here.

Jul 07: The day we posted the final cut of the Bodine Family's Video Portrait. Our first video of its kind, and they loved it!

Jul 10: Doing some board diving at Meador Pool on my 34th Birthday!

Jul 20: Engagement Portrait Session with Tim & Tiffany.

Jul 28: DOUGHBOY!! Good out-of-town friend came to visit (Dude juggling on the right).

Aug 01: Happy Birthday, Chico!

Week of Aug 02: Record rainfall resulting in flash flooding, effecting several southern Missouri towns.

Aug 13: Happy birthday, nephew!

Aug 15: Hanging with my brother, Mark, who is in from Colorado. I don't get to see him much so this clip is special to me.

Sep 01: Our first of two baby showers at Coyote's Adobe Cafe in Springfield, MO.

Sep 14: This was the day of the funeral of Carolyn's brother, Bill. It was a sudden loss due to unexpected heart failure. He was 42.

Sep 21: The second baby shower at my parent's house.

Sep 22: First Day of Fall. Nothing special really, I just love this shot from my office window. :)

Sep 28: Another wedding. I hope you can tell we love shooting these.

Oct 1: Government Shutdown. Everyone loses their minds.

Oct 4: The posting of the Musselman Family Video Portrait. Another success!

Oct 19: The Schmidt Wedding - This senior couple at the reception were great dancers!

Oct 26: "Thriller" on C-Street by the Dr. Deadalous Traveling Zombie Show.

Oct 27: CORN MAZE!!

Nov 12: Carolyn's Birthday Steak Dinner

Nov 14: CAMERON FROST IS BORN! 6lbs 15oz, 19.5in long after a 26-hour labor!

Nov 23: Cameron's Newborn Portraits.

Nov 28: Thanksgiving Day Dinner!

Nov 29: After making its perihelion on Thanksgiving Day, Comet ISON was thought to have dimmed, fizzled out and died. But on November 29th, astronomers were baffled to find that at least some part of it had survived and appeared at first to be getting brighter.

Dec 05: Nelson Mandela dies.

Dec 08: Awesome snow portrait session with the Mayberry Family.

Dec 29: My son's first camera.

Dec 30: First day at my new job.

Dec 31: New Year's Eve Celebration!

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