Weekend Check-in: The Importance of Storing Water on Your Wild Homestead

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After 2 hours of work I took a section of a small seasonal stream flowing through a gully and transformed it into a meandering stream with 2 small waterfalls and 3 pools. This simple change can store several hundred more gallons of water and also slows the water down letting more of it soak into the land.

In the few hours after finishing this project birds and frogs are already showing up. Life loves an abundance of water.

This along with a large pond I built last year are the start of my decentralized and passive water system that will hydrate my land by slowing water down so it can soak into the ground.

Check out the video and please share how you are storing water on your wild homestead!

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This is excellent! What an amazing achievement for 2 hours of work with an existing system. The sound of the waterful is so relaxing too. Bringing in more water to your land, and allowing it to flow slowly to rehydrate the land is awesome.

Thank you! :) yeah, it's amazing what can be accomplished with a shovel in a relatively short time. I will need to improve them when they go dry but this first pass worked out well. I just love the sound of waterfalls and I plan to make a lot more of them :)

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This is something I would definitely want to do if I had a piece of land.

It's my favorite part of being a wild homesteader. Back when I was renting I made wicking beds on my balcony and I always wanted to hook it up to a little decorative pond. If done right it could work as a birdbath and perhaps even support frogs if the balcony was on ground level. Never got around to it but it would be a fun way to having a mini-water feature and food growing system while renting!

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Excellent! I do wish we could do this also!

Thank you! Yeah, I really love having this little seasonal stream on my wild homestead. It opens up a lot of options. But even without surface water there is a lot you can do to increase groundwater levels.

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It's a blessing to have running water on your farm! That's basically impossible around here so I always enjoy people sharing their water features!

Thank you! Yeah, I love having it even if it's only seasonal at the moment. One day I really want to have water all year... we will see...

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Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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