Wild-Tip: Prep Before You Plant

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Here is a wild tip for you. Have you heard of the STUN method for planting? Sheer Total Utter Neglect? While I like this method I do make sure to prep my land first before planting. For the small acre or backyard wild homesteader giving your plants a little initial love can greatly improve your plant survival rate. This will save you time, energy and money.

Watch the video to learn more.

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Nice to hear your voice!! You have inspired me to do the same thing - I am getting a heap of newspaper from my nephew's paper run (they always give him extra) and you know I stillhave 25 metres of mulch to use! It's going around some existing fruit trees but will be neglected-not-neglected whilst we travel next year, ready for planting next late Spring (though I'll probalby have to buy seedlings as I won't be around to grow them!). Going to lasagne method a little - put a heap of chook/alpaca manure down, some straw from chook coop, then paper, then the hardwood mulch.

Thank you! :) Doing video is new for me but I like it--in many ways it's faster than writing up a post but I'm still figuring D.Tube. Not used to using it yet... I want to do more video in the long run and I may stick with a short video each weekend.

That sounds great! Just a heads up sometimes newspaper takes long to fully breakdown than cardboard does. The pieces can get matted together and stick around for a little bit. But it does not seem to cause any problems in my growing areas--I just find pieces of newspaper when planting that I just stick back under the mulch. Good luck! :)

We did the same thing with our Permaculture garden years ago, transformed a lifeless lawn into a thriving, drought-resistant food forest!!

Lots of cardboard, woodchip mulch, and horse poo!

Nice! I'm sure those 3 together worked great! My front lawn is now a food forest :) Thanks for sharing!

Funnily enough I just talked about this with one of our indigenous Karen project partners today. His soil is too poor for cacao right now, so I suggested he choose a site and start PREPARING THE SOIL for the next 2 YEARS with a view to harvesting a steady, repeatable, high yield, high profit crop in 7 years time. LOL. I must have somehow felt this theme lurking around in the ether. Nice post!

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Hehe, yeah--prep is the way to go in many cases. Saves so much frustration later though it does require patience. The area I was mulching that you could see in the video won't be planted for another year. But it should be ready to go by then! :) Thanks for the comment and sharing your experience!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you so much! Really appreciate it! :)

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